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August 20, 2002
volume i, issue i

a consumptive once asked me
why i devoured the earth
and when i told him i was just messing around
he stole my coat and sold it to a begger for nine pence

that dirty rotten tb bastard

so i strolled along the street asking people their opinions on economic matters
the drunks smiled and looked at my shoelaces
the burnouts did the same
and i built a city around them
for all to play in
then i took their homes
and made them windowless
put the sun on hiatus
and took a roadtrip to the edge of the sea

and thus we come to the second part of our student film


all the rock bands in the world couldn't hold me back, those kids with noble causes
there are roads to be paved and paths to be followed
the moon and all untaped resources
the unescapable mourn of a kitten with no claws
hello, and read this out loud, please (
meant to be listened to on vinyl) the lo-fi revolution
like i'll listen to you and your leftist rants
sit down stand up shut up close the door take me to a pawn shop and get on your knees, slaves
the world is an epoch of the universe smaller than a blink
humanity is the useless forgotten freckle of the planet
and you aren't even worth mentioning
and this is only a way to put things in perspective, right?
because we know...
yes we know
we are gods
that control the fates
of all

there is nothing sharp enough to cut our strings
piano wire
that will choke
everything in site
and decapitate
presidents and their dogs
and all the little flowers
that smell so pretty and make me break out
in an organic rash

chemicals make me smile
they put candy on my doorstep
and shoot me into space
like a cure in a needle

brushes with death
force fed diplomatics
robotically controlled architectural digests
eat me alive

formed granite walls
asphalt stickers
celibate orgies
crass distinctions at tupperware convention halls
the sordid tales of the rich (tall) and famous
brass oval
breathe in
breathe out

we all have assininements


round table discussion on square desks
thinking about thinking outside of the box, firmly planted
plant a tree, burn a building
burn a tree, plant a building
"anarchy for all / but only if you try"
progress, quotes
all words have already been said
we are all proud of our useless originality
and we are all proud that we care
the downfall of humanity
breathes within us all
and i'm okay with that
aren't you?

ride the apocalypse

out with dignity
scar your face
fear and hate

laws before reality

the truth hurts

but you'll be okay
we'll all be okay


piliko ©2002
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