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volume 5, issue i, 1.10.2010

Genealogy of Mr & Mrs Wood

LA Mitchell

B.E. Webster

The Secret the Darkness had Completely Concealed
Mark L Berry

Russell’s Story
Philip Laverty

Hold that pose
JW Drake

Camilla Palmer

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some days are better than none
café hopeless - coming soon (really)  in 2 weeks...

an interview with jokes and their relation to the unconscious

we're not sure if we're looking for videos for cafe hopeless but we think we are.  there is a new one coming soon.  we're thinking about taking submissions from you all but we're not sure about that either until we see something that someone sends.  but before you send it, let us know that you'll be sending it so we can be prepared.  although we're not sure what being prepared means.  but we think it's better if you let us know.  that's what we think.

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"The functional approach to law, and the question "What are you good for?... a bored and perfunctory notice beside the fresh charms, gadgets and sophisticated accessories of her own generation of jurisprudential flappers..."
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