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volume 5, issue ii, 2.21.2011

In Our Bed (and other poems)
Charish Halliburton                                                         
Life and work with the Happy People
Tanya O’Garra

Crossroads (and other poems)
Boris Leyvi

Darcy Alvey

The Ernest Hemmingway of Things
Kevin Wu

On the Shore of a Dry Sea
Mark Budman

Kingshighway Motel
Lisa Harrison

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café hopeless - never coming soon (not really)  in 4 weeks...

an interview with jokes and their relation to the unconscious

we're not sure if we're looking for videos for cafe hopeless but we think we are.  there is a new one coming soon.  we're thinking about taking submissions from you all but we're not sure about that either until we see something that someone sends.  but before you send it, let us know that you'll be sending it so we can be prepared.  although we're not sure what being prepared means.  but we think it's better if you let us know.  that's what we think.

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through the space between the curtain and the window she sees yarn (a dusty equivalent of rain). maybe she’ll cross her eyes and fall back to sleep. she was pretty.

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