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There are 8 things one can do in order to get published:

1. Write something about how to get published

· Put it in an outline form so that it is easy to understand

§ For each heading or subheading, add a sentence or two to expound on or clarify what is meant by the heading or subheading.  This is sentence two.  At least three sentences are recommended.

2. Describe everything in detail

· Describe means to tell or depict in written or spoken word. 
volume 5, issue vii, 10.6.2011:

Apologies & Anomalies
Max Angles

Happy Thoughts
Madeline Parsons

Hair and Gone
John Grey

Alan Britt

Noah Ashenhurst

Will Wait for You
Tanvir Malik

River Born
Ivan Passoffski

Words from the Womb
Tanya O'Garra

Alana States