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Nicole Bass Junior
Gramercy Arts High School
Poetry Contest 2016

Reflection: A seaside walk by Elizabeth Browning

When I see you smile

3am, waking with the urge to kiss you
to roll over, to fall into your arms
6am, wake to you sleepingso
i move slowly, into the kitchen not trying to wake my love

sissle of the pan, eggs expanding to all edges, filling of the glass with orange juice

walking over into our room filled with your snores
my smile opening to the sight of your eyes, opening your eyes to the sight of my smile
racing to kiss you ever so gentle to not spill the breakfast all over our bed
racing to the breakfast, you scorf the food down
your stomach expanding
setting aside the plates on the counter we found in the yard sale last week
grabbing my hip, pulling closer
our love, as tight as the hug you give
our lives, as close as the bed and blankets
our memories, never fading from us
your kisses wet with orange juicei
push away
the hug tighteri
close my eyes for a moment

moments turn to months
months increasing to years
soon decades follow

peacefully as we lay in our bed
no longer able to wake
but living in our dreams

personal poem
the ending of

it was like a river drying up
last idea cycling through my mind
rushing water become a steady stream
long explanation coming to a end
turing into a slow stream
muttering last lines
end of that constant flow
speaking the ending words
trickling down into a vast ocean
the vibration of the last syllable
it was done
around of applause
the dirt of the ground feeling the air
the breath catched finally

the world still continued on

personal poem
Something in the movies

boy meets girl
becoming steady
fulling with love
reaching the highest peak
and burning out with a bright light

but it was different this time

it didnt reach a peak
passing the clouds
burning bright endlessly

love so passionate
the movie became jealous-so jealous

in rage-as every movie goes
ended suddenly
boy walked away in the night with another
i woke up in the morning alone