jan. 21, 2003
the alice issue
the issue that started
the legend of writeThis.com

feb. 12, 2003
the secret dummy files
the issue that ended
the legend of writeThis.com

mar. 5, 2003
the blem vide issue
featured filth purveyor:  blem vide
the filthiest genius out there

apr. 15, 2003
pure malice
we'll turn any old garbage into new garbage

may 5, 2003
featured filth purveyor:  kenji siratori
we tried to rid the literary world of this
menace but he can't be killed

may 29, 2003
the speakless issue
featured filth purveyor:  richard peabody
a great interview ruined by useful information.

jun. 13, 2003
the unfetterable issue
featured filth purveyor:  brett axel
a hostile encounter with slamboy brett.

jun. 30, 2003
the vampire issue
suck on This.

jul. 22, 2003
the pointless cabal issue and the uncensored, unpublished USA Today interview cut short by a homicide
people are still wondering where the body is.

aug. 15, 2003
the suicide issue
the stuff of legends and why nobody fucks with writeThis.com.

sep. 11, 2003
the post 8-15 issue
featured filth purveyor:  roger bonair agard
8-15-2003, the darkest day in the history of human and inhumankind memorialized.

nov. 6, 2003
the thankThis issue
this is where you thanked us for all that we've done and not done for you.

dec. 25, 2003
the Le issue
featured filth purveyor:  amy muldoon
the end of the beginning

feb. 14, 2004
le grand porn
gush this

apr. 12, 2004
fuck you people
just what it says

Please stand by...

May 24, 2004
the man with 6 brains

Jul 1, 2004
who knows?

Sep. 1, 2004
named after that great poem

Nov. 10, 2004
we couldn't think of anything elsa

Dec. 20, 2004
fish drink like us
they sure do

Feb 1. 2004
chomp chomp

Mar. 16, 2004
fraulein mr.
ah so

may 4, 2005
we left weary

feb 14, 2006
we returned weary

june 2006
don't stop
just keep on going, until

jan-mar 2007
we are so great
just what is says

apr. 2009
the return of write this
"the return of write this"
previous issues

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