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Marie-Rose Sheinerman
Hunter College High School
Faculty Sponsor: Kimberly Airoldi

Defining Infinity

(there are two holes in my wall
I traced pencil around them, loops, a trance
small drill pins left from construction
stayed the same size
since I was three
in other words, forever)

infinity -- 
     has four syllables 
     we majestically unraveled the swan song of galaxies
     only to fold it twice like a cheap restaurant napkin

infinity --
     has two Ns, three Is and I 
     was color blind to the golden glint of your calf
     the light blurred like early march ice beneath a figure eight

infinity --
     the amount of time I swore to myself to love you
     but I’ve stopped 
     seeing in your eyes whispers of the summer sea 

infinity –
     rhymes with divinity
     my love felt Cathedral; psalms slipped from my lips, 
     I read the bathroom mirror like a teleprompter

infinity –
     and eternity, two words cuddled beneath my tongue
     the y shrunk to fit into the space
     and strings of numbers flossed my teeth

infinity –
     red marks on my palm from sinking my nails into it
     got lilac nails because you said spring smells like lavender
     you, lie like nails against chalk, me, wall drilling, not small anymore

infinity –
    the space between Adam and God on the Sistine Chapel
     growing growing growing 

(in other words
it’s what you could have had
but never will)