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Zach Struthers
11th Grade
Xavier High School
Ms. Mary-Grace Gannon, English Teacher

Inspired by: “A Serenade at the Villa”

The Call of the Heart

The whistle of the soothing wind over the ocean;
The sound of waves crashing rhythmically below the barren moon,
You lay restlessly with heartfelt emotion,
And I wait to feel the warmth of your heart bloom.

The sun patiently rises despite my anxious unpleasance:
The time is near, the suspense building, I can no longer bear;
I search for thine own warming presence -
The path I seek is ever closer under the feeling of the tensing air.

My skin raises under the sense of thy comforting setting,
But the emptiness of my heart grows!
Once more, my gaze scans the bustling room but nowhere I am getting:
Panic creeps in slowly and silently, while the dark bird crows.

A once hopeful heart; crippled, overwhelmed by darkness like fog in the morn –
As the realization of the unfortunate circumstances falls upon me!
Oh, the tragedy of the situation! a deep seated hatred in the heart is born!
The timing could not have been more critical, and yet it was not meant to be.

Seconds separated an alignment greater than those of the planets in the sky –
As the completing half of my love exited, the wandering second half should enter;
My heart beat in dismay as it waited for that fateful reply,
The weight of the world crushed my love: my heart stopped beating, removed of its center!