bryan e.

chi chi

j.t. blue


zink poe

vol. i,
issue xiii
experiment by Kenji Siratori

The sun of ADAM that splits a cell the artificial love of the clone the embryo of catastroph who the chromosome of the heat of myself goes up in flames the cadaver city where records the brain of the ant of the drug mechanism_being eroded the malice of the interior of the womb that thinks about the zero of the inorganic substance reproduction area cell of DNA=channel clone-TOKAGE that was cut off to the cold-blooded desire of the world=womb=cell that contaminates clonic soul of the murder of ADAM to the crime of yellow ADAM of the artificial paradise that the season of the treachery of the chromosome of myself charms her of the zero-level of an embryo the pupil of the zero of the machine mechanism of myself the body the interference of the clone_overturning I forget the love of her clone as the machine of an embryo is doing the zero gravity_soul of myself suck blood so with the cruel womb cell of yourself and coexists

Artificial sun of the centipede that the high speed body of an ant crashes to the digital=vampire of the brain of anti-faust to the apoptosis placenta universe of the fatalities that the consciousness of the disillusionment of myself that the human body gimmick of ADAM speeds up play strange the devilish homicide of the cyber space of an embryo so exposes the internal organ of ADAM and era is respired it is penetrated the love of the clone the speed of the limit of a cell war to the eyes of the drug embryo of the immortality that resuscitate the scribe=zone of the soul of myself that is cloning the nerve fiber of the nightmare of the larva machine in the human immunodeficiency virus system outer space of the cyber embryo where mills the hearing organ of myself and induce the brain of the zero of the fatalities and do the abnormal living body of the zero of ADAM+myself interference in the cold desert of the apocalypse

The speed of the zero of the embryo that the blue murderous intention of the sky of fatalities awoke to the apoptosis block of the cruel womb cells of ADAM which the drugy consciousness of myself changes to the catastrophic murder machine of the artificial sun cuts the storage of her murder and tore! Miracle of the immortality of the embryo is guided to the drug mechanism to clone-dive of the topological love that the cell of the zero of myself that the larva machine of the disillusionment of myself that the sea of the eve_gene does the level of the zero of the cadaver city that does short to the nest form replicant brains of the spider of yourself desire be flooded commit suicide toward the horizon of DNA so octave of murder to chaos gene=TV of myself that explodes and invade the digital=vamp body fluid of ADAM with the clonic ruin of the artificial sun like the boundless end of the machine of yourself that was projected

wt:  i'll start by simply asking if you read the blem vide interview?

ks:  Yes. I have read the blem vide interview.
wt:  we're running this piece yours called "experiment". what's the deal here, kenji? are you writing the original in japanese then using translating software to render it into english?

ks:  my writing is no translation...it's a hyperreal genetic-code...

wt:  are you prepared to confirm that you've been data=mutant FUCKNAM_gene
integrating with somone named secretia, whose genetic coding runs amok at
certain times of the month, and is the source of your hyperreal genetic-code
non-translations? or can their source be found elsewhere?

ks:   yes, my writing functions as gene-dub on the hardweb, nomad of nerve cells
circulates...to describe the emotion of speed...and to perceive out of the
brain...their source pass our body-encoder as data=mutant...while forming
reptilian=HUB to the pituitary.

wt:  what ramification does war in iraq have on the emotion of speed? and on the secretian of phlegm in the pituitary gland? furthermore, how will this effect your data=mutant writing function?

ks:  well, interface of a war outputs us to the hardweb of nerve physics...this
genetic violence is on the thought of elimination...by noise & loop the
data=mutant writing fuck up interface of a war...so our archival

wt:  did you read larry reads blood electric live on tv?

at this point kenji left the room...his whereabouts=unknown on the genedub
kenji siratori

prose:  experiment