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Dear Sir
rollan johnson

Dear Sir,

  I am Mr Rolland Johnson from Sierra-leone, based on the information that I gathered from your chambers of commerce and industry on your credibility, I decided  to make contact with you for assistance. regarding my real towards foreign investment and security for my possession, I therefore write to give a breakdown of this proposal. I was the Personal Assistant to the President of Sierra-leone, Alhaji Tejan Kabbah, who was formerly pushed out of office by the military coup'd ta't carried out by disgruntled soldiers. However when these soldiers stroke his Excellency, he was forced to run to Guinea-Conakry on exile, while some of his closest aids including myself left to some countries. while this event took place I decided to move to Holland with my family and a treasure containing the sum of US$14 million ( fourten million dollars only) which was part of the cash left for securities operations in the President's villa.
With the help of a friend who suddenly became hostile to those of us who worked with the President, Alhaji Tejan Kabbah, we were able to move this funds to Holland, I immediately deposited the treasue containing the fund into a confidential security company for safe keeping, the company is not aware of the contents as they were deposited as personal
effects and artifacts, the funds came into Holland as a diplomatic cargo service.

I am seeking for a partner who shall serve as the guardian of this fund with whom I can plan the way to move this fund for investment purpose, that is the motive for contacting you to actualize the project.
You are required to assist in the following ways;

1. That you shall be required to provide a good bank account where the money could be transfered and where taxation will not take much toll on the fund.
2. That you shall serve as the general overseer and the guardian of this fund and all investments thereafter.
3. To assist in prividing my family and I , a permanent residential permit in your country, after the funds must have been transfered to your account.

For these services and your commitments, a suitable percentage(%) will be allocated to you after you have shown your willingness to assist. So if you are interested, reply to this letter with any of the particulars for further details. having stated the above clearly, I expect to receive
your response soonest as I do not intend to have this transaction delayed.

Please treat this as very confidential
Thanks and God bless.

Yours sincerely

Mr Rolland Johnson