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volume 4, issue viii, 01.05.2010

The Premonition listed birdwatching Fireworks
McCormick Voss Flanagan Miller Wagnon

Finding Chimera
Thom Crowe

"In a room filled with people enjoying yet another trivial party, a girl sits alone in the corner staring"

no we have more issues
to share

one and all




so, like,
it's the first issue
of the new year,


and they invited me,
a burned out relic
since at least 1989
a very bad year,
and that's about 6 years after my best work
in 1983
nothing good happened that year.
think of something that did.

that's what i thought.

but they said
hey, man" (they all like to do their impressions of me)
"so, like,
hey, man,
how'd you like a revival?"
like an old fashioned final triumph...

and they said "make this your catch phrase: no we have more issues to share"
what the fuck? no we have more issues to share?

they said, "talk about our contributors
they have bios and such likes"

uh huh

"it's twenty ten. make it twenty tennish."

and then what, die?

"babies are being born."

make it twenty tennish
make it twenty tennish
no we have more issues to share
no we have more issues
and contributors...
thank you.

Jerry Gonzi

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Babel Books & Silver Cliffs

Babel Books, Silver Cliffs, and Me

Dear reader,

Less than a year ago, a scrawny, hairy misanthrope opened a bookstore on Blossom St. in the dreary, dusty city of Silver Cliffs.  His ambition, pummeled and spat on by reality, economics, and the petty pretty ambitions of those shiny monsters around him, dictated that it be the greatest bookstore history has ever known and that it be the house of a counter-cultural movement, a literary revival built from the muck and dirt of this forgotten cultural oasis way out on the edge of America.  Of course, this man is a fool, building windmills only to call them giants, attack them, then flee in terror. bookstore, Babel Books, cannot be the best bookstore in history because it cannot be a bookstore known by history.  Read more...

9 Opening Paragraphs
The Dictionary of Coincidences, volume i
Time Drag
an afternoon with the supermale
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