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volume 5, issue iii, 5.01.2011

Tom Gumbert
Onto Any Surface
Holly Day

Up in Smoke
Tanvir Malik

The Man Who Would Be Frank Sinatra
Ralph Bland

Andrew James Talbot

A Day in the Life of an Old Man
Jozefina Cutura

Wheels That Roll Straight
Suvi Mahonen

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café hopeless - never coming soon (not really)  in 2 weeks...

not an interview...not any thing:  ground zero, my hot air balloon

we're not sure if we're looking for videos for cafe hopeless but we think we are.  there is a new one coming soon.  we're thinking about taking submissions from you all but we're not sure about that either until we see something that someone sends.  but before you send it, let us know that you'll be sending it so we can be prepared.  although we're not sure what being prepared means.  but we think it's better if you let us know.  that's what we think.

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