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some days are better than none

mustard bastard
the mustard bastards

café hopeless
shakey will

the step chamber
all creatures

the willesden herald international short story contest
stephen moran
café hopeless - never coming soon (not really)  in 2 weeks...

not an interview...not any thing:  ground zero, my hot air balloon

we're not sure if we're looking for videos for cafe hopeless but we think we are.  there is a new one coming soon.  we're thinking about taking submissions from you all but we're not sure about that either until we see something that someone sends.  but before you send it, let us know that you'll be sending it so we can be prepared.  although we're not sure what being prepared means.  but we think it's better if you let us know.  that's what we think.

books (at) cafehopeless.com

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volume 5, issue iv, 6.01.2011
Lyndsey Ellis
Rico Craig

Joseph Lombo

Karen Herman

Johnny Wolowitz

The Aborted Christmas Plays
Kim Göransson

Ted’s Miraculous Epiphany
Daniel Euphrat
東松 照明
lift play and swing the plastic army boys lost beneath the bed         [underneath] and the pattern of the rug frilled at the edges lifted to find coins and chocolate wrappers and the glorious window—tree half-hanging and steeped in navigation