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"the confrontation of aesthetics..."
a production
vol. ii, issue vi
dec. 20, 2004
Stephen Cullis

C-Melody  (Blonde Version)

Hot hooches
Hotter culottes for minimalist company
Dope harmonies drive yonder west-coast reason
All-purpose jazz squeaked les dernières harmonics
Alpha bop relaxed the area
Mostly unheard blonde C-melody

No booby mountains here
Nous sommes incredibles!
Let the wonderful rough tangled lyrical vibrato go
Whole-tone trauma
Number tight for a day
Feel des citoyens searing les laid-back autres

Your military hair was cute
Gory by helicopter
Une start-up money alternative
His cool waxed rapport
Works des medical start-ups
Head casualties over rhythmic tin birth

Signez ici sacrificing kid
God rat collaborations on the heavily mined roof
Sexy style scales thick with passionate amputations
Major pink
Nous ne sommes pas 1927
Grow in a straight concertina semicircle
Grinning wire

Je ne suis pas modern
The waltz brothers cold white chops
Helipad mess humping virtual dirt anthems
Small beer singing in the marmalade outskirts
Vast symphonic village bouncing stabilized aesthetic
Legs and dance potential
You could shuffle musical pleasures with blues disciples
Plenty of feet logic for linear nonsense traps


1.The Birth of the Cool 1927 ( banner text
3.‘The Things They Carried’ [p.88] Tim ‘O Brien (Flamingo 1991)

The Wedding Guests


Beyond religion and anger
He sent out his darlings
Into complex electronic dancing
It no longer felt bright
Amongst fatted cattle
The poet  death burns against B6 stairwell
It  hard-core
Into outer darkness
For them
The Trade Center brothers
Who, loving Hafiz,
Impregnated Jesus and
Gathered on the helipad,
Met in the kingdom of morning.
They spread themselves
8-bit across the centre
The money binding them
To smoking profit servants
There is no comparison
To this index
Hands and feet on the cluttered streets


Police are killed immediately
The prisoners trade in their Turkish mansions
Supreme, he emotionally memorized
Everything the king said
Either of the gnashing of immortality
Or our hollow souls burnt alive
Pepper candles
And 1350 feet of beauty
Bless this holy order
This banking windstorm
Brothers and wives in Liberty Street
Began headless to weep
And study what looked like dinner
The bakery is locked forever now
The night answered them that day
The 9.59 business
Oh, that! the pilots say
Straightening their penknives.


Fundamentalist civilians
Both bad and good
Spiritual masters of the moon
Innocent beautiful
Jews eating speechless Muslims
There are no parables left
For this type of
Private medical action
Causing a massive crux
In the face of the other
Why not be called a Christian
By voices in the green mass?
Hold open the be my baby
Doors leading to violence
Stained windows of opportunity
Mark my collateral (You  be a fool not to)
With 40,000 people as my
Pre-emptive bedmates plan
Federal destruction
And soldiers fire on
As elevators
Light the day up
For a simulation feast


The guests sprayed the building
With the Koran killing all they
Tore up the plans
Virgins teeth in the impact zone
Already asleep
Authority looking over them intoxicated
The few last best firms in phase shift
Shark mentality required
Come destroy with me!
It  an emergency response from
The CD factory workers
Tears in heaven on the
Minimum sin disc
You  be mad not to take up this offer
Of symbolic chosen death
The orange highways remain silent under the
Headlamps of houris eyes
Fanatical bread sisters connected together
Taste the rhetoric
Standing by fiscal debris and dollar fall-out.


Children download the horror
Physically the lord begins to
Detonate in chemical skulls
Wired with parents seeds
The story of the night
Lets the mundane blood wash over your
Ferocious organs
Tell those who have prepared the sugarcane floors to
ring the paradise equipment for the faith has begun
To branch into thousands Let no man break them apart
Desperate frustration
Sticks like crazy
To my hotel wall
Let  go into the night holding pearls
In wedding garments
Occupy its mezzanine ways
The high unique marriage of loving friends
Anti-words on the rooftop
Gazelles eyes fell on the crusaders graves
The old of signature of arms faintly

1966, a young black woman
Fluent in evil walks into the jewelled sky lobby
Jokes boil in half understood Arabic
Cigarette fumes
Do you take these men to be?
always do

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