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special issue for those young poets:  

Spirit in Debt
Conor Jones

Jacob King

Anna Soong

Love in a pair of “DEEP” eyes
Jamie Lazan

Microscopic Starlit
Sarah Maymi

A Curse Upon the Poets
Hopewell Rogers

The Problems With Music
Chloe Shay

Weather Vane
Coleman Snyder

"The Hands of Fortitude"
Dominique DeGennaro

The Innocent Flower
Christopher Haack

The New York Browning Society's annual poetry contest for New York City high school students will read their winning poems on May 7th in Celebration of Robert Browning's Birth at the National Arts Club in NYC. The contest has been coordinated by member and poet James Browning Kepple and co-judged by Pulitzer Prize Winner Paul Muldoon and Poet's House program director Stephen Motika.  Paul Muldoon will be speaking at the gathering.

WINNERS 2014 Poetry Contest

Conor Jones - Collegiate School 
Jacob King - The Browning School 
Anna Soong - High School of American Studies
Jamie Lazan - Frank Sinatra School of the Arts
Sarah Maymi - Cardinal Spellman High School
Hopewell Rogers - Marymount School of New York

Shortlisted 2014 (these are the kids who will potentially attend if any of your students cannot etc, but will also be published on the www.writethis.com)

Coleman Snyder - Collegiate School
Dominique DeGenaro - The Mary Louis Academy
Chloe Shay - Saint Vincent Ferrer High School
Christopher Haack - The Browning School