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the pointless cabal
"the confrontation of aesthetics..."
vol. i,  issue xvii
July 22, 2003
jul/aug  2003

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Hello. I am Bruce P. Worthington and I am a professional guest magazine issue introduction writer. The editors of have asked me to fill in for them because they are recovering from their last tour de force The Vampire Issue. I'm sure it was really the hit with all you readers since they've all relayed to me their belief that it was a seminal event in their respective lives. It's evident from the hangover they were able to not merely chronicle The Vampire but to achieve an heightened state of being the Vampire. Cudos, Write This.

Lately people have been asking me, how can I be a guest magazine introduction writer? Up until now all I have been able to do is pass along the advice my father, Orson Worthington, gave me. "Kid, there's nothing wrong with being in the Mayonnaise business". It took me the longest time to understand what he meant by that and when I finally did I realised my inheritance was running out so I called my Uncle Murray in the publishing business and asked if there were things around the office I could do.

But now I am thrilled to announce that I have written a guide book to those hopeful people who want to get into the introduction writing business. It's called Introduction Writing - A Guide.

Get this book and you will learn

1. What sentence should almost all introductions contain.
2.How to maximize your column usage and eliminate ghost words.
3. How to quickly spot magazines with weak introductions and sell them with yours.
4. Get to know your semi colon with a wink and a smile.
5. How the real pros do it in simple to understand language.

Discover the thrill of seeing your words in print. Contact this magazine now and send one easy payment of $89.99. Do it today and receive a writeThis coffee mug for just a few dollars more.

That's one easy payment of $89.99 and you will learn

1. Where to put your participles.
2. What to do when you're really stuck
3. How to become a people's    favorite.

Contact us now and ask for the special rush order to get you started today. 

secrets messages from the amazing ghost boy
amy muldoon

"There are hidden messages everywhere. We see them and pass by, not taking the time to think, to decipher the codes. Even when we write, what is being said is not always in the black type, but in the pale and empty space between, written in invisible ink."

how to write a love poem
gena radcliffe

"Unrequited love is best
Good poetry is never borne of happiness
It feeds on your pain
Your pain burns like quicksilver lightning
Lightning, yes, use lots of metaphors for heat and light
Because no one else's love ever burned
Like yours, no one else ever felt the sting of it
Not as much as you do did ever have ever will always."

a little story about jail
jessie electric

"so pre-jail experience, everyone i ran into...i asked about what they had heard about jail. i had many people tell me that "county jail" was nothing to worry about. i also had people tell me that they had "ping pong". i also heard that "you can read" and that "noone will fuck with me" and they serve only "cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches". well, all of that
was untrue."

a few poems
staniec heinemann

"I'm a big fan of
chick peas
garbanzo baby



The Pointless Cabal,  the editorial staff of WriteThis.  What do chi chi, bryan e., zink poe, blem vide, j. tyler blue, and sean. have to say for themselves and others?  Read the uncensored version of the USA Today interview that got columnist Dick 'Richard' Smith  fired.  Part 1.

"please call me richard.  I write for USA Today. 

The term bitch-ass has travelled far and wide.    It has been spotted in Romania.  Where comes it from?  What special meaning does it have for each of you?"

read the uncensored version
of the usa today interview here


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