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"the confrontation of aesthetics..."
sept.  2003

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Merry Holidays,

Another year and all we have to show for it is some blank space, an earful of nudity, and another featured filth purveyor.

In this last issue of the year we bring you 3 newcomers to the prestigious pages of 

Savannah Schroll.  Young, D.C.,  Professional, and best of all female, offers a whirlwind tour of the most flammable places in Washington D.C.  with her Secret Urban Stories #1.

Richard Cookson transports us to somewhere special.  Didn't we have a Dante recently?  Well, he's taking us there again.  With his zombie and Dante's Transport Cafe'. 

Timothy Gager touches upon the more sensitive issues of boy-girl boy-girl in the epic Flying to Los Angeles.

And what would an issue of  be without some of our oldcomers.

Oblomov, known secretly by some as someone else actually thinks he knows a thing or two about love and he wants to share it with us in The Lovers.

Amy Muldoon, our featured filth purveyor, gets rough with the editors in a must-read interview where she bares almost all.
Read her interview and her story Gino Francisco and Skipping Rope.

There is nothing more to say.

Tra la la la la la la.




Merry New Year.



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the lovers

"It's better to have loved and lost
than to have gained domesticity.
Unrequited she is Beatrice,
bedded more of a Felicity
Kendall, moaning over breakfast
about household chores.
Let the lovers be frustrated,
it's easier to pay whores."

secret urban stories #1: young d.c. professional (female)
savannah schroll

"She pours a thin stream of gasoline along the perimeter of the corner storefront at the intersection of E & 13th Streets, near Metro Center. The young woman tipping the red plastic gas can is having a birthday, and at 5:27 p.m. E.S.T. precisely, she will turn 30. (For the next two and a half minutes, however, she is still 29). In honor of the occasion, she is wearing shiny black ankle strap shoes and an extra short skirt, black and magnificently immodest. She wears these things so that people will notice her. Men particularly."

dantes transport cafe
richard cookson

"So there's me and this zombie, right? Nuthink more to say than that. We was in this transport cafe, or wot you'd call a transport cafe 'cept it was more of a non-transport cafe, the only punters being me and the undead. I say me and the undead, 'cept it seems more like manners to say 'the undead and I'. Well thats not me, see? I'm rough as they come I am. Not as rough as the zombie though. 'is eye had just fallen in me cuppa tea."

flying to los angeles
timothy gager

"I was off to Los Angeles to see my sister and also some gal that drinks too much and sleeps around. I'm going to see that one first, rather than my sister who doesn't even know I'm coming. The girl, my love interest, met me at the airport and due to my fear of flying I was already intoxicated and dangerously close to an overdose of airsickness pills. Too much of these both and I knew I was going to be of no use to her. She'd wanted to go out, already had a babysitter, but I'd just rather pass out at her place in Burbank. "You're useless," she verified. "


featured filth purveyor

Amy Muldoon,
best-selling author who won't tell us her damn pseudonym

read the exclusive interview

read the story,
gino francisco and skipping rope

vol. i,  issue xxi
Dec. 25, 2003