a pretend genius broadsuction

the romantics
bryan e.


gone song
Isaac Boone Davis

true love
bob clyne

stephen moran

The Cure
for Original Sin
russell bittner

The Sewer Rat: Queen of the Damned
ms. jean kang

home sweet home
don fredd

Otherguess: An English Picaresque / three Pieces From THE SOMNAMBULE'S CRIME
dale houstman

Oranges and Apples
richard grayson

Field Boss
andy henion

Under the Mattress
jamie schmidt

Horse Face
tim millas

Schlong Helmut and Nerd Vader, feat. Terry Wogan.
alabama whirley

letter to Mr. Chagall
Josef Lesser


(blank space)

featured filth purveyor

josh davis
interview with the author of the muse
and the mechanism
past featured filth purveyors

jonathan safran foer
amy muldoon
roger bonair agard
john blumenthal
brett axel
richard peabody
kenji siratori
blem vide
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"the confrontation of aesthetics is the highest form of internet art. these people feel uncomfortable. what better measurement of art could you have? they should be made to feel uncomfortable. where they will fail, with very few exceptions, is they won't confront the reasons for their discomfort. they will rather insult and suppress."

                                   -- chi chi
breaking nudes

the FISH DRINK LIKE US anthology is arriving.   We have read hundreds and hunreds of submissions and have settled on the very best of them. A list of authors selected for the anthology will be posted here within a week.  E-mails will be sent to these authors.  If you see your name on the list but have not received an e-mail, please contact us.  The book will be out in March. 

contributing editors

chi chi
j. tyler blue
bryan e.
blem vide
Ask Yeti

Yeti returns after a long absence.  Write to Yeti.  He is here to help you people.  But first he speaks.  He speaks...

words that shall be banned from poetry

20 new words added to the list.  go read them.  and never use them again.  it's for your own good and the good of the planet.  go.  read.  them.  now.  blank space.  blank space.  blank space.  blank space.
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Our chief prostitute, the national award winning ad writing editor on vacation this month, once confided to Idi Amin, "I'm tired. If you ever decide to get out of politics there's always a place for you with me in Editing."
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for no particular reason

the alice issue:  the issue that started the legend of writeThis.

the suicide issue:  why nobody fucks with writeThis.

the drenched issue:  named after that great poem you'll probably never read.

the legendary
bunny poem

read and listen to the now legendary bunny poem.
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new feature (words and phrases that should be used in poetry)

everybody likes new.  we have new.  we have new new.  this is important and should be sublimated.  pablum.  nitwit.
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vol. ii, issue ix
may 4, 2005